The Malaya Golfing Society has a long history in the UK, dating back to 1938, and was set up for men who were associated with the then Straits Settlements or later

                Federated States of Malaya, whether in the Malayan Civil Service, the Armed Services, the Police, Commerce, Shipping, Plantations, or Diplomatic Services.


O             Our calendar consists of eight meetings including Spring, Summer and Autumn gatherings where we compete over 18 holes of Stableford format for trophies dating

                back to the early days of golf in Malaya. There is now one inter-Society gathering involving the Golfing Societies of China, Calcutta, Kenya, West Africa and Latin

                America. In addition, we have matches against Liphook Golf Club, the China Golf Society, the Ceylon Golf Society and a most attractive fixture against the

                Association of Golf Club Managers.


Th            The essence and objective of the Society is for members to get together a number of times each year, to play golf at lovely courses such as Liphook, Littlehampton,

                Piltdown, Ifield and Cuddington and others perhaps to be included in the future. Above all, it is to enjoy a fun day, a good lunch and the chance to

                meet up with old friends. We are delighted to welcome new members, male and female, who ‘qualify’ for membership: a sensibly elastic definition for qualification is

                having spent any time in either Malaysia or Singapore. Our total membership is larger than the current ‘playing’ members but non-players are always very welcome

                to come and join us for lunch following our matches.


                Please contact the Society’s Secretary for further information.